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Contoh Recount Text Terbaru Bahasa Inggris


Rempelok - Contoh recount text yang akhir-akhir ini menjadi perbincangan para siswa-siswa karena mereka diberi tugas oleh gurunya memang perlu akan bantuan media online. Apalagi sang owner atau admin suatu blog biasanya telah mendapatkan berbagai informasi mengenai contoh recount text yang akan dibagikan secara umum.

Contoh recount text untuk para siswa

Yang tidak pantas lagi adalah suatu blogger atau webmaster yang hanya mempedulikan blog atau pengunjung tanpa memperlihatkan kualitasnya. Maksudnya, misal untuk informasi recount text yang memang ada banyak sekali contoh yang bisa digunakan untuk dipelajari, namun sang webmaster tersebut hanya mengandalkan Google Translate untuk mengganti bahasa dari Indonesia ke Inggris secara instan tanpa menghiraukan kualitasnya yang tentu saja salah kaprah untuk siswa.

Hal yang seperti itu tidak boleh dilakukan oleh seorang blogger karena kewajiban blogger adalah menyediakan informasi yang akurat dan benar adanya. Kali ini selain contoh descriptive text, silakan simak contoh recount text terbaru di bawah ini.
Contoh Recount Text Terbaru Bahasa Inggris Pendidikan Materi Pelajaran Kumpulan Tugas Sekolah Penjelasan Pengertian Terjemahan Lengkap Update

Contoh recount text terbaru update bahasa inggris

ditulis oleh Era Meiswarawati

Last morning, Dinar, my roommate woke up late and she had to go to campus.

When she wanted to take her motorcycle, in fact she couldn't move it because there were some motorcycles that blocked up her motorcycle.

She tried to move all of the motorcycles, so that her motorcycle could move from the garage. But she couldn't do it.

Then, she called Adel who had that motorcycle which blocked it up. After that, her friend who had that motorcycle helped her. Finally, she could move her motorcycle and rode it to go to campus.

Ditulis oleh Eviana Yuni Afra

Last Monday was a busy day for me. I spent my time to do a lot of activities from college to my home.

First, at the morning, I did my presentation's assignment with my partner, she was Nurhidayah. It took 3 hours. And then we went to the campus for joining lecture. But, the lecturer said that our presentation would be started next week. It made us disappointed. The class was finished at 12.30.

After that, I had to go home because my grandmother was in a bad condition. She was hospitalized. So, it was a must for me to back home at that time. When I got there, there were so many members of my family. There were about 10 people. My aunt, my niece, my uncle and some of my cousins. We all hoped that our grandmother would get better soon.

Those activities made my day busy.

Ditulis oleh Afifah Tri Hyuanawati

One Christmas in 2007, I was joining a final test try out at school. It was held from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. One of my schoolmates, Rini, asked me for accompanying her to the bus stop. When we arrived there, suddenly the heavy rain fell down from the sky. Rini suggested me to go home soon while she was entering the bus.

It was still raining when I was home. The rain did not stop and became bigger when the night had come. People were standing in front of their house, hoping that the flood would not come. In the middle of the night, I got news that South Purwodadi had been drowned.

The next day, Purwodadi had become a flood area. All activities were paralyzed. No one went for work or school because the land had been covered by flood. However, I thank God for not allowing the flood entered my house. Even my house had been changed into an emergency kitchen. It was so crowded there. I and my father took a walk around the center market and Central Purwodadi. All that we could see was water and water. At night, the flood looked like a beautiful ocean with the moonlight on it. I felt as if I was one of the passengers of Titanic who was sailing on the sea.

Finally, the flood was starting to decrease in the next morning. I and my family cleaned our front yard together. That was the greatest flood that I had ever experienced in my hometown.

My Adolescence

I had my adolescence when I was thirteen.

It started with acne that showed up on my face. It was very annoying. It lowered my self-esteem and I was embarrassed to come out of my house and play with friends.
Fortunately, my Mum gave me a good medicine. In three weeks, the acnes started to vanish although those showed some black spots in my face.

That was my bad experience with adolescence, though there were still lots of good experience too.
Karena para siswa misalnya SMP atau SMA bahkan perguruan tinggi memang perlu contoh teks recount untuk menunjang pendidikannya. Semoga untuk contoh recount text ini berguna untuk kita semua.
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